Apex Legends: The Not So Normal Battle Royale

On February 4th, video game developer Respawn released a new game called Apex Legends. Respawn was the same developer that made Titanfall 2, a game widely praised throughout the gaming community.

Main Lobby Screen with full squad.

Apex Legends is one of many newer games to bring the Battle Royale playstyle as its main attraction. Battle Royale is a game mode that developers use which consists of a game either from fifty to one hundred people and they all play in a competition to eliminate each other and be the last man standing. This game mode is used in the widely popular game Fortnite. In Apex, the games are comprised of twenty teams of three for a total of sixty people per game. What makes this game different from all of the other battle royale games that are on the market is that players have the ability to select from different Legends or heroes that have different uses such as healing, special attacks, and certain utilities. Players also have the ability to “revive” their teammates when they get killed by an enemy. When a player dies, a chest of sorts spawns right where they died. The chest has all of the items that the player died with, as well as a banner that is only accessible by teammates. When a teammate picks up the banner and brings it to one of the few respawn beacons in the map, the player that died is then brought back by a dropship and they must start again with no items. This is revolutionary for a battle royale game because Apex might be the first game of this kind to allow team revives. This game with its heroes and unique abilities reminds me a lot of the game Overwatch that was developed by Blizzard.

Example of a Respawn Beacon in game.
The Legends that have been released on launch.

Since it’s launch, I have thoroughly enjoyed playing Apex. I did not think that it would be this fun to play a battle royale. It resembles more of a tactical shooter game, which I enjoy. The gaming community has also shown its massive support for this game. Within a week, the game has over twenty-five million active players on all three of its platforms. I have had a sour taste in my mouth in regards to games that are battle royale centered because of Fortnite. I personally do not think that it is a bad game, the community that surrounds that game can be toxic at times and I prefer not to be around that. Toxicity was one of the reasons that I left Overwatch around a year and a half ago. I prefer to have a good time playing video games instead of having to deal with hackers and people who just want to throw games.

While I cannot predict the future of Apex Legends, Respawn has done amazingly well with their games in the past and I cannot wait to see what they have to offer later on in the game’s lifetime. I am hopeful for the successful future of this game!



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